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What is e-catering?
Answer: "e-catering service has been started by IRCTC exclusively for passengers travelling in trains where they can book preferred meal through following modes
  • On-line, the website address is
  • Through mobile app, 'food on track' which can be downloaded on Android/IOS phones.
  • By making a call on 1323.
  • Through SMS., by typing MEAL and sending to 139.

How Can I book meals through website?
Answer: Any passenger having valid reservation ticket can book the meal through website. The process of booking is as under: -
  • On the homepage, enter the PNR no. Stations list shall appear/display in drop down menu.If search is made by train name or station name, the system will seek your PNR for verification purposes before confirming the booking.
  • On selecting the station at which meal is to be delivered, vendor menu will open along with item prices.
  • Select the vendor and then select the meals to be booked. Prices of meal will be displayed alongside.
  • On placing the order, the passenger will be required to select the mode of payment i.e. Cash on Delivery or prepaid (online payment).Thereafter, confirmation of booking is to be made.

Question: How Can I book meals through phone?
Answer: Passenger may book meals by calling number 1323 for waitlisted as well as confirmed ticket. The booking shall be made by the call center executive

Question: How Can I book meal through SMS?
Answer: Passenger may book e-catering service for waitlisted as well as confirmed ticket by SMS MEAL to 139. Once the SMS is sent, the call center executive shall call to the customer for taking order, subsequently, the passenger shall be informed of confirmed booking through SMS and email.

Question: How can I book meal through the Mobile Application?
Answer: The Food on track App is available on IOS and Android. Please download the Mobile App Food on Track from the Google Play Store.

Question: How is the confirmation of the Booking done?
Answer: On completion of transaction, SMS and email shall be generated and sent to the customer as well as the service provider. The SMS and email shall have the details of the order.
The SMS content to passenger shall have an OTP (One Time Password) which will be used for verification by the service provider on the mobile application at the time of delivery of meal.
For the convenience of passenger, anotherSMS and email shall be forwarded to him 02 hours before the scheduled delivery time at the station.
Further, an email shall also be sent to the passenger 24 hours before the scheduled delivery time at the station.

Question: At how many stations is e-catering service available?
Answer: At present, the e-catering service is available at more than 350 Railway stations.

Question: I have e-ticket, can I use e-catering?
Answer: Yes, this facility can be availed by passengers having valid reservation ticket either e-ticket Or ticket taken from reservation window.

Question: I am travelling in Shatabdi Express, can I book meal through e-catering?
Answer: Yes, this facility can be availed by passengers of all trains (including Rajdhani/Shatabdi etc) originating, stopping, terminating at any stations where services are available.

Question: My ticket is not confirmed and is wait listed, can I book the meal through e-catering?
Answer: Yes, passengers with wait listed ticket can book meal through e-catering on phone & SMS as mentioned above.However, the delivery can only be done when your waitlisted ticket is confirmed at the time of chart preparation.

Question: I have booked 5 tickets against one PNR, out of which only 03 tickets are confirmed and 02 tickets remained wait listed after preparation of chart? Will I get the meals, which I have booked through e-catering?
Answer: Yes, Partially confirmed tickets shall be treated as confirmed and food booking shall remain valid, unless cancelled by the passenger.

Question: Which meal can I Book through e-catering?
Answer: The rates along with meal are already available on website with specification. Passengers may choose the meal as per need and choice.

Question: Is there any minimum booking amount below which an order will not be accepted?
Answer: Some Vendors have specified a minimum booking amount. This amount varies from vendor to vendor and location to location.

Question: My train is reaching Agra at 2330 hrs, can I get meal through e-catering?
Answer: No, currently the services are available from 0600 hrs to 2200 hrs

Question: Will I get booked meal, if my train gets delayed?
Answer: Yes, the train shall be monitored and food will be delivered if the train reaches the delivery station within service timing; i.e. between 0600-2200 hrs. However, the passenger, if he so desires, can cancel the meal as per the terms & conditions. But in case a train is running late, and reaches the meal delivery station beyond the service time; i.e. within 2200-0600 hrs ; the delivery of meal is not guaranteed by IRCTC. In such case, if food is not delivered to passenger , full refund shall be made after deducting bank charges.

Question: What are the Terms & Conditions?
Answer: The terms & conditions are available on website.

Question: How will I make payment for meal booked?
Answer: Payment options available for making a booking are as under:-
  • Website:- Prepaid & Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • Mobile App:- Prepaid & Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • On Call:-Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • SMS:- Cash on Delivery (COD)

Question: : What is OTP?
Answer: OTP stands for One Time password. This will be unique password which shall be communicated to the passenger who has confirmed meal booking. The passenger shall need to enter the correct OTP in the mobile application of delivery boy for verification purpose.

Question: How do I know, when the booking of meal is confirmed?
Answer: On completion of transaction, SMS and email shall be generated and sent to the customer immediately as well as 02 hours before from the scheduled delivery time and the SMS and email will also be forwarded to customer 24 hours before from the scheduled delivery time.

Question: Whom do I contact, if my meal is not delivered?
Answer: Passengers may contact the e-catering Call Center on the 1323.

Question: How can I cancel my order?
Answer: Customer may cancel the confirmed meal booking online 02 hours prior to the scheduled delivery of meal. thereafter, no cancellation is permitted.

Question: When will I get the refund?
Answer: The process of refund shall take at least 3 days time from the date of cancellation excluding the date of cancellation.

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